Saturday, May 13, 2023

Why the English Country Kitchen Endures

 From Architectural Digest:

Like a supporting character in a Julian Fellowes period drama—with a timeless sense of style, old-world sensibility, and quintessential British charm—the English country kitchen has captured the hearts of interior designers and homeowners alike. Whether it’s owed to a central “downstairs” role in a popular series like Downton Abbey or simply a natural move away from sleek contemporary kitchens, the stalwart of old-school interiors has been cropping up with relative frequency in homes on both sides of the pond. 

Unlike bleak trend-based kitchen design that might include all-white cabinetry, coordinating subway tile backsplashes, and a suite of stainless-steel appliances, the comforting hallmarks of an English country kitchen are rooted in necessity and tradition rather than pure aesthetics. In a seeming return to domesticity, a hearth-like range, generously sized center island, built-in cabinetry, cheery paint colors, minimal decoration, and a mix of natural materials—wood, stone, brick, and patinated metals—evoke a necessary sense of timelessness that people are craving today. The utilitarian design has become an embodiment of a simpler way of life, with an emphasis on warmth and practicality—even in a home as wonderfully audacious as Lily Allen and David Harbour’s Brooklyn townhouse, where AD100 designer Billy Cotton devised his own take on the genre. (Read more.)


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