Tuesday, May 23, 2023

A Visit to Château de la Villedubois


From Victoria:

Set on a picturesque plot near the town of Mordelles, France, Château de la Villedubois has been the home of de Farcy kin for generations, dating back to 1647, when Jacques Annibal de Farcy bought the property from the Huchet de la Bédoyère family. The structure was made by filling in a wooden frame with local stone mixed with sand and clay, then coated with lime and sand. On the east wing, the wisteria draping gracefully across the façade replaced the grape vines that grew there until the start of the twentieth century. While the château opened its doors as a bed-and-breakfast inn a few years ago, it is still very much a family home, with three generations sharing these historical quarters. Commissioned by Henri de Farcy in 1904, when he was just under thirty years old, the library is housed in a square tower built between the horse stables and the east wing. Henri devoted himself to books and the archival papers that consumed his attention, storing his collections in this handsome space, which features gleaming wood paneling and walls of bookcases. Among the many treasures found here is the original deed of acquisition for the estate. (Read more.)


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