Monday, May 29, 2023

Archaeologists at Althorp

 From Tatler:

Althorp House, the family home of Diana, Princess of Wales, has undergone significant excavations in recent weeks as Earl Spencer seeks to learn more about the remains of a Roman villa first discovered in the grounds a century ago. The 13,000-acre estate in Northamptonshire has belonged to the Spencer family since 1508 when they bought the land after amassing great wealth as sheep farmers. It is currently the home of the 9th Earl Spencer, the younger brother of Princess Diana who lives at Althorp with his third wife, Karen, Countess Spencer and their 10-year-old daughter, Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer.

 Earl Spencer, 59, posted a photo on Instagram of a group of archaeologists standing around a long trestle table outside his stately home in the sun. ‘Archaeologists, about to settle down to an end-of-dig feast this evening at Althorp’, he wrote. ‘They’ve been here for three weeks, excavating the Roman Villa that stood here from perhaps 100 AD for what looks like several hundred years…. Amazing to think of those long ago folk enjoying Althorp, 1,000 or so years before my family first farmed here in the 1480s.’ (Read more.)


 Countess Spencer currently has a marvelous newsletter with videos about her own restoration projects at Althorp as well as about English country life. I could watch all day. Delightful!


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