Thursday, May 25, 2023

Poterie Renault


From Milk Street:

Though the region is best known for wine production, the Loire Valley of France also once contained a secret gem frozen in time: Poterie Renault. Dating back to 1847, the French pottery workshop was filled to the brim with stoneware pieces, all handcrafted from some of the richest and finest clay France has to offer. And while the factory shuttered its doors in 2016, it left behind a treasure trove of salt-glazed ceramics that have become collectible items. Today, very few shops carry what’s left of the stunning pieces—we were lucky enough to get our hands on an assortment of rare finds.

At its height, potters at the factory would craft between 80 to 120 pieces a day, firing them in a blazing 1200 degree kiln with an unexpected additional component: salt. The old technique, known as salt-glazing, rendered pieces with an iconic glassy finish that set them apart. From traditional onion soup bowls and gorgeous wine jugs to bakers in multiple shapes and sizes, each unique piece will find a home in your kitchen. Snag this limited-availability collection while it’s in stock at Milk Street, once these pieces are gone, they’re gone forever. (Read more.)

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