Friday, May 19, 2023

Durham: No 'Actual Evidence'

 From Newsmax:

The FBI lacked "actual evidence" to investigate Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and relied too heavily on tips provided by Trump's political opponents to fuel the probe, U.S. Special Counsel John Durham concluded in a report released on Monday.

The former president was said to be impressed by the report and convinced it clearly vindicated him. A Newsmax report said Trump, who has long contended the claims of collusion with Russia were part of a politically motivated hoax, views the Durham conclusion as supporting his witch-hunt contention.

The report marks the end of a four-year probe launched in May 2019 when then-Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham, a veteran prosecutor, to probe potential missteps by the FBI when it launched its early stage "Crossfire Hurricane" inquiry into potential contacts between Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. (Read more.)

From Just the News:

Former House investigator Kash Patel told Just the News that the investigation had undermined the nation's credibility in the eyes of its foreign allies, saying it "continues to erode our our system of justice and continues to create a two-tier system of justice. People can't look to America and be like, how do you install a uniform singular system of justice anymore?"

He further suggested that Congress ought to hold the responsible intelligence officials accountable by going after their retirement benefits. (Read more.



More from Giuiliani on the Durham Report, HERE.


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