Sunday, May 14, 2023

Why Cats were Hated in Medieval Europe

 From Medievalists:

It is not that everyone in medieval Europe hated cats – in fact, we know of many cases where they were kept as pets and were treated with love. However, one could still find many cats living in the wild. Moreover, their prevalence of being active at night helped create a view that they were creatures that operated out of sight and beyond human control.

However, it was in the twelfth century that cats started to be described in very negative ways, even being associated with the devil. We begin to read wild accounts, such as that by English writer Walter Map, where cats were becoming part of satanic rituals: “the Devil descends as a black cat before his devotees. The worshippers put out the light and draw near to the place where they saw their master. They feel after him and when they have found him they kiss him under the tail.” (Read more.)


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