Thursday, May 25, 2023

Marxism, Witchcraft, and Abortion

 From Carrie Gress at The Stream:

Theosophy never quite went away and enjoyed a resurgence in the 1960s. Gloria Steinem’s mother was an adherent prior to her own mental breakdown. The three elements, the occult, free love, and smashing the patriarchy, that underpinned first wave feminism were certainly not embraced by all suffragettes. They were, however, the concepts that kept the feminist movement afloat until the 1960s, when a more radical version took over. Feminism was influenced by the Bolsheviks (whose regime was the first to legalize abortion), then by the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School, which took it into the second wave.

Second wave feminism continued Shelley’s legacy. One of its most popular books was Robin Morgan’s anthology Sisterhood Is Powerful. It was a kind of handbook for feminists working to raise their consciousness and throw off the patriarchy’s shackles. Among its entries is the suggestion that the lesbian lifestyle is preferable because it naturally frees a woman from men and children. The book also includes a section featuring WITCH, the Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell, which suggests practicing witchcraft for female emancipation. The appendix includes spells for everyday use.

The question the first wave feminist asked was how do we help women. A noble effort. The problem is that they saw the life of men as the solution. Rather than helping women as women, they wanted to help women become men. No more fuss and mess of families, husbands, birth, and child-raising.

The goal was for women to become like men, or better like gods, without the confines of bodies and human nature. For this to happen, women had to prevent or eliminate their children and live only with potential for human life, not actual human life. California’s new church, the Church of Potential Life, fetishizes what Shelley and other first wave feminists dreamed of, now all too real for us. (Read more.)


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