Sunday, May 28, 2023

Eric Adams Asks Court to Suspend New York City’s ‘Right to Shelter’

 From Breitbart:

Adams is seeking to waive the rule when “the City of New York acting through the New York City Department of Homeless Services (“DHS”) lacks the resources and capacity to establish and maintain sufficient shelter sites, staffing, and security to provide safe and appropriate shelter,” according to New York City Law Department’s Jonathan Pines, who wrote the application to Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Deborah Kaplan for the New York City Courts.

This ongoing flood of asylum-seekers arriving in New York City from the southern border represents a crisis of national, indeed international dimension; yet, the challenges and fiscal burden of this national crisis have fallen almost exclusively upon the City.

These unprecedented demands on the City’s shelter resources confront the City Defendant with challenges never contemplated, foreseeable, or indeed even remotely imagined by any signatory to the Callahan Judgment.

President Joe Biden’s administration thus far has sent New York City $40 million to handle the migrant crisis, despite Adams’ request for more than $650 million. (Read more.)


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