Our creams, especially the Midnight Bouquet Beauty Treatment, work well as hand creams. From Vogue:
 If it was good enough for Marie Antoinette, it's good  enough for us. The infamous French Queen (1755-1793) is often referenced  in relation to beauty treatments and rituals – she was known to apply  balms and moisturisers to her hands, then put on a pair of gloves to  sleep in to allow the potions to do their job.Today’s  in-salon solutions are not too dissimilar. Paraffin treatments follow  the same method – hands are dipped into warm wax and then wrapped to  allow the wax to hydrate and soothe the skin at a deeper level; the wax  is also thought to ease joint pain such as rheumatoid arthritis.  At-home, apply a deeply nourishing hand cream, followed by cotton gloves  overnight (or just for a few hours) for super-smooth effects. (Read more.)