Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Is Dressing Appropriately for Mass Really that Important?

Let us keep in mind that one of the only times Jesus displayed wrath was due to disrespect in the House of God. From EpicPew:
From that day forward, I learned how to wear appropriate clothing to Mass every Sunday. Did I dress in a suit every Sunday? No, but I wore dress pants, dress shoes, a polo or button-down shirt (most often a button down with a sweater) and, on occasion, a tie. I am grateful that this lesson was taught to me. Dressing appropriately for Mass completely changed my disposition at Mass. My outer disposition and the clothing I wore now reflected my inner disposition.

I am writing this article to everyone that attends Mass, however, I hope that my fellow Catholic men who read this article will take these words to heart. If you wear dress pants/khaki’s and a polo shirt/button down to work every day, but come to Mass dressed in shorts or jeans,  a t-shirt, and flip flops—there is a disconnect. I asked myself a few questions: Why would I dress appropriately for work, but dress casually for Mass? Would I wear my work clothes to go to the pool, the beach or the lake? These questions challenged me. (Read more.)

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