Friday, June 28, 2019

Women Deserve Better Than Prostitution

From The Family Research Council:
In places like D.C. and New York, the possibility of decriminalizing prostitution has come back on the horizon. Activists are now referring to prostitution as “sex work”—a deceptive term used to label the buying and selling of human beings for sex as a legitimate profession. This concept was even being promoted to teenage girls in Teen Vogue, with the headline “Why Sex Work is Real Work.” To legitimize men buying women for sex is to say that men have a right to women’s bodies by default. This should enrage every feminist to the core and cause them to come clawing in like a mama bear on anyone who tells teen girls that “men buying your body is a legitimate profession for your future.” The commercial sex trade is sexual exploitation—it should never be somebody’s job to be exploited by another human being.

That being said, we should not discount the various factors that play a part in leading some women to the commercial sex trade. Often, these women have been sexually abused, come from broken homes, face drug and alcohol addiction, and have been emotionally comprised, manipulated, lured, coerced, or forced into prostitution. To glamorize a system that preys upon these vulnerabilities and is only sustained by dehumanizing the individual is inherently evil.

In reality, there are no good arguments for why it is okay to buy and sell women, girls, boys, or persons who identify as LGBTQ for sex. In 2013, Business Insider published an article advocating for the decriminalization of prostitution in the United States. None of the arguments made back then have changed significantly to this day, and they are still used to spread current misconceptions about prostitution. (Read more.)

From The Christian Post:
Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are throwing their support behind efforts to decriminalize prostitution. "I’m open to decriminalization. Sex workers, like all workers, deserve autonomy but they are particularly vulnerable to physical and financial abuse and hardship,” Sen. Warren, D-Mass., said in a Wednesday statement shared with Washington Post journalist Dave Weigel. "We need to make sure that we don’t undermine legal protections for the most vulnerable, including the millions of individuals who are victims of human trafficking each year."

Likewise, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., told Vice News through a spokesperson on Thursday that "decriminalization is certainly something that should be considered."
"Other countries have done this and it has shown to make the lives of sex workers safer," Sanders' spokesperson asserted. The terms "sex work" and "sex worker" are relatively recent euphemisms, catch-all terms that includes prostitution, escort agency operators, exotic dancing, and porn actors, among other things.

Proponents for decriminalizing prostitution, which includes both persons on the left and libertarian right, assert that trafficking is distinct from "consensual" or "voluntary" sex work. However, prostitution abolitionists, which often means radical feminists and social conservatives, say trafficking cannot be separated from prostitution, that it is merely a process in an inherently exploitative industry. (Read more.)

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