Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Glamor of Elizabeth Taylor

From Tatler:

A pioneer in film, fashion and fabulousness, Elizabeth Taylor’s enduring legacy is one of unbridled glamour. The original Hollywood darling, Taylor’s penchant for lavish extravagance has informed and influenced generations of elegant aesthetes who look to the star for lessons in chic. Now, as Tatler’s June issue cover star Tuppence Middleton portrays the icon in The Motive and The Cue, Taylor’s teachings have never been so relevant. Right up until her death in 2011, and having struggled with a litany of illnesses throughout her life, Elizabeth Taylor was never seen in anything less than an excellent ensemble. And, as the red carpet invitations still came rolling in, Taylor was sure to don her most fabulous finery when at an A-list event. Who ever said sparkle was a young person’s game anyway? (Read more.)


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