Sunday, May 21, 2023

Buttons with Miniature Portraits of French Royal Family

Marie-Thérèse of Savoy was the wife of Artois (Charles X). From Invaluable:

The miniatures inverted-glazed silver frames set with paste stones, with eyelets on the back. Subsequently attached rings for hanging. Engraved on the reverse with the names of the sitters: "LE ROY" (Louis XVI). "LA REINE" (Marie - Antoinette - youth portrait) "LA REINE" (Marie - Antoinette - older portrait). "MD. D'ARTOIS" (Maria Josepha of Saxony, wife of the Comte d'Artois, later King Charles X.) "Madame FILLE DU ROY" (Marie - Thérèse Charlotte de Bourbon 1778 - 1851). "MADAME" (Maria Josepha of Savoy, 1771-1810, wife of Louis, Comte de Provence, later King Louis XVIII, who was Louis XVI's eldest brother and bore the title "Monsieur". "M. BAILLY" (Jean Sylvaine de Bailly, mayor of Paris and French mathematician, 1736 - 1793) "M. L'ABBÉ MAURY" (Jean - Siffrein Maury, 1746-1817, opponent of the French Revolution, became Cardinal in 1794 and Archbishop of Paris in 1810). Exceptionally beautiful and rare, unusual ensemble of fine quality. Diameter 34 mm each. Highly interesting pieces on the history of the French Revolution and the Ancien Régime. The miniature shown in the image with the portrait of General Lafayette is sold individually.  (Read more.)


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