Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Allure of French Décor at Tallwood

 From Victoria:

There is perhaps no home lovelier than the collected home—one that has “grown up” with a person or a family to tell their unique story. Fortunately, for those of us on a budget, this decorating philosophy is also quite practical and attainable, especially in modern culture, where history, and the beauty found therein, is valued by so few.

Thus, come the tales we so relish to exchange: a fine antique found while on holiday in a quaint European town, a beautifully patinaed eighteenth-century French mirror found at the estate sale of a prominent local widow, vintage English cupboards spotted on a local market page. These are the stories we love to tell of the pieces that have come to make our house a home. So has been our experience at Tallwood, as we’ve worked to restore and furnish a most beloved residence in a way that honors its storied past. 
French antiques and vintage finds can, at the very least, bring a softness to a space and, at the very most, a femininity. The French aesthetic here at Tallwood is quite pronounced and can be traced back decades, to the installation of a rather glamorous French grisaille in the dining room. Needless to say, I was enchanted from the start. The term grisaille comes from the French word for “gray” (gris) and is a painting technique in which a monotone underpainting is overlaid with translucent oils. I often catch myself lost in the famous fountains of the Villa D’Este, which our grisaille depicts. (Read more.)



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