Sunday, May 7, 2023

Kennedy Jr. Blasts the DNC

 From DC Inquirer:

Kennedy began the interview by blasting the radical Left for censoring conservative voices, adding that throughout history those who wish to censor speech are always “the bad guys.” He went on to say that it is happening “because people don’t trust the government anymore because the government lies and the media lies.”

The 69-year-old Democrat then went on to blast the party apparatus for its decision to move away from New Hampshire and Iowa to be the first states to hold a primary, instead opting for South Carolina.

“The DNC, at this point, has taken the official position that there will be no debate, and I think that’s unfortunate,” Kennedy Jr. said in reference to the DNC’s decision to not have debates for 2024. “I think what the DNC did to New Hampshire is also unfortunate.”

“President Biden didn’t do well there [New Hampshire]; he came in fifth. So they took New Hampshire, and they kicked it out of first place,” he explained. “And now they’re gonna say — they’re saying that they’re going to completely remove the delegates from New Hampshire, and that, we should be at this point in history.” (Read more.)


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