Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The British Royal Family’s Private Art Collection

Prince Philip by Edward Seago
From ArtNet:

The Royal Collection, amassed over three centuries by the British royal family, is by far the largest art collection in the world. Held in trust by the monarch for the nation, the trove numbers over one million objects—not limited to paintings, tapestries, photographs, and furniture—about 3,000 of which have been loaned to museums around the world. 

But a recent report by the Guardian has found that there is a whole other royal collection, described by the outlet as a “much more elusive category… which the royals treat as their own.”

Not publicly registered, these roughly 400 artworks encompass objects that the royal family has personally acquired (often at bargain prices) and gifts it has received, whether privately or officially. These assets, which are not part of the Royal Collection, are valued in the tens of millions. (Read more.)

Noah's Ark by Bassano was originally purchased by Charles I



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