Friday, April 20, 2007

Tony Benkovic's funeral

Heidi Hess-Saxton, editor of Canticle Magazine, has a moving account of the funeral of Johnette Benkovic's husband Tony, who recently passed to his eternal reward. There is also a website comemmorating Mr. Benkovic's life. May he rest in peace.

I have been reading the latest Canticle and I encourage all women to subscribe to this wonderful, inspiring periodical. I am impressed with the quality of the writing, the depth of the spirituality, and the earthy wisdom in its pages as Catholic ladies minister to each other as true sisters in Christ. Share


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy Canticle magazine. One can subscribe at 1-800-558-5452. Also enjoyed an article by you, Elena, in the March/April 2007 issue

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you! I will be having other articles there in the next few months.