Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blessed Marie of the Incarnation

Terry reminds us that today is the feast of Blessed Marie of the Incarnation, Barbe Acarie (1566-1618). She was a happily married wife and mother, very well-off. Her husband did not like it that she was reading romance novels all day and encouraged her to read spiritual books instead. She became very devout and was instrumental in bringing the Discalced Carmelite Nuns into France. She later became a widow and then a nun herself. She was a Carmelite lay sister and humbly performed all the menial tasks of the monastery, in spite of her past privileged life. Share


Anonymous said...

I'm reading Cathleen Medwick's "Teresa of Avila, The Progress of a Soul," and marvel at her establishing "houses" all over the place. It makes me wonder, in these terribly thinning times, if monastic reform of faith is more greatly needed than ever, and how we who applaud it may approximate it somehow..

Just one more reason that I pray not only "Lord, give us priests (and nuns!)" but also, "Lord, give us books!" The internet will never replace books. And shouldn't.

I thank you, too, for writing books. It is verrrry hard work, but what love it can both be and effect.


elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Carol, for your kind words. Yes, we need more monasteries. They were always cultural centers of learning and spirituality, catalysts for peace.

Terry Nelson said...

Thank you for the link. :)

elena maria vidal said...

Thank YOU, Terry, for your wonderul blog and great articles!