Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Return to Reverence- Let's Hope!

Against All Heresies has a link to an article in the Altoona-Johstown diocesan paper. We live in that diocese and I hope that basic reverence during Mass is restored according to the Holy Father's wishes, even in the vernacular liturgies. I do hope that SOME priests will start saying the traditional Latin Mass.

Let me say that the A-J diocese is by far better than other dioceses where I have lived (I have lived in some VERY "far-out" dioceses.) There are so many wonderful priests and at our parish we could not ask for more dedicated pastors.

However, there are problems in the Church here, as there are just about everywhere. There have been scandals of all varieties, including priests who have chosen to leave their pastoral duties in order to get married. Unlike some parishioners, I do not blame our bishop for the free choice made by grown men who became involved with women.

I do not foresee massive overnight changes around here when the Motu Proprio goes through. I doubt that many of the priests of the A-J diocese know much Latin, and most are too harried and overworked by their pastoral duties to learn the rubrics of the traditional Latin Mass. However, there is hope for the future, because the priests who do want to say the Latin Mass will hopefully not be obstructed. Things will start small, and the changes will be gradual, but the seed will have been planted. Share


Brian Kopp said...

"I do not foresee massive overnight changes around here when the Motu Proprio goes through"

Actually, Bp. Adamec just said there will be NO tridentine masses in the A-J diocese:


elena maria vidal said...

Hi, Brian. Sorry to hear that, but I am not too surprised.

Anonymous said...

The motu proprio is aimed at Bishops, namely those with precisely the sort of attitude Bp Adamec holds towards the Tridentine mass.

If people in the A-J diocese really want the Tridentine mass enough, then it will come to the A-J diocese, regardless of what the Bishop wants. That's what the motu proprio is for.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Al; that is good to know.