Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank you, Camille....

If I hear one more person compare the Virginia Tech massacre to United 93, I will scream. On the doomed Flight 93, the terrorists did not have guns, but knives and box cutters. It is suicide to charge someone firing two pistols into your face. Feminine Genius pointed me to this article which quotes Camille Paglia (the entire article is worth reading):

“When someone opens the door of a classroom and begins firing with a semi-automatic weapon, there is no fighting back possible,” says Paglia. “All of this happened too fast for the young men or young women to rush the shooter and bring him down.”


Anonymous said...

To be honest the killer would like nothing better than for us to BLAME the VICTIMS.Is that not what his video was about?..'I am killing you because you MADE me do it'.

It is astounding that SO many out there are being so easily swayed by this young man Cho who chose to do EVIL!

A better idea would be to discuss how a college student got an automatic gun from anywhere? After all he wasn't about to use it for DEER hunting..NO! He went people hunting instead!

Let us hope we wake up to the reality of evil lest it visit us.

It is time to heal and one cannot do that if people start apportioning blame.

My two cents worth.


Jeffrey Smith said...

I think some people have been watching too many John Wayne movies.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Marie, indeed. I have really been trying to focus on praying for healing but I get so mad when people blame the victims. I am interested in the material causes of this catastrophe as a matter of prevention, not of blame.

Yes, Jeffrey, either too many John Wayne movies, or not enough....