Saturday, April 28, 2007

Modest Designs are Back

Ladies Against Feminism is linked to an article about how ladies are demanding, and receiving, attractive but modest clothes. I think too many Christian ladies think that they have to be frumpy or androgynous in order to be modest. Many devout women in our town wear loose baggy jeans and shapeless tops with sneakers everyday, so that I have almost come to see such attire as a badge of piety. It is most likely more a question of comfort than of modesty for them, I am assuming. I am just afraid that the little girls will get the impression that staying home with children means that one cannot wear pretty clothes on a daily basis. The career women wear bright, stylish clothes. Now what does that say to our daughters? It says that being a housewife is dreary while having a career is fun. Not that it is preferable or possible for a mother to be glamorous all the time, especially with gardening, cooking and heavy housework to do, not to speak of vomiting babies. But it is always possible to be feminine. Share


Anonymous said...

This summer I feel like wearing something feminine: it goes with the deepening of my conversion also, I think.
The kind of skirts that I like (nice/modest/long/feminine/good quality material)are simply not in fashion.
So your post and the article are of high interest for me.
Thank you.:-)

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, dear Paula, the same thing happened to me when I was young, especially once I made a consecration to Our Lady. I began to wear more modest, feminine clothes-- it seems to a part of the spiritual journey for many women.

SuzanneG said...

Well said, Elena. I'm going to have a "Carnival of Everyday Dresses & Skirts" the beginning of June (2nd). Send in a blog entry or a photo/s of your everyday dresses and skirts worn for all mommy and household work! A VIRTUAL Fashion Show for moms and wives.

When I first started to wear skirts and dresses, it helped a lot to see others working in theirs. Please consider participating, everyone!

elena maria vidal said...

Great idea, Suzanne! thank you!

Anonymous said...

While traveling in Italy I noticed the stylish yet comfortable way the Italians dressed and moved. They surround themselves with beauty. Unfortunately, Utilitarianism pervades so many aspects of our American culture that taking time for touches of beauty is not considered.

Anonymous said...

Only last year I went into the city to buy some 'sweats' so I can work out in them.
They were ALL i am NOT gonna state my age but I am SO not going to wear hipsters.....when one has to touch their toes..NOT a pretty sight! LOL

I am also tired of kids wearing these awful jeans that hang down to their thighs cant be comfortable?

I am the type that I always wear what suits ME and not what the latest fashion trends are.

Just my thoughts.

With love,


Viola said...

I also love pretty, feminine clothes. Unfortunately many of the clothes that are available seem to be designed for teenagers: hipster jeans, mini-skirts and short shorts, for example! It's hard to find elegant clothes if you're over forty!

Also I think that many women wear jeans all the time because the fashions change every year. This year, for example, wide-legged trousers are in and last year they were fairly straight.

I absolutely agree that being modest doesn't have to mean wearing frumpy clothes! I forget the quote but Chanel said that we should look our best even if we're just going to the letter-box, and it is a good idea.

Best Regards,