Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pray for Sudan

This post on Genevieve's excellent site disturbed me so much last night, I could not sleep. Let us pray for those women who have been through hell, especially tomorrow, on Divine Mercy Sunday. I wish somebody would do something to help them. Share


Anonymous said...

Africa, alas, has such outrages galore. More than a few countries have civil wars fought largely by child soldiers. (Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone..)

Tragic as it is, it's not unless the country has natural resources of some sort or other that the hand-wringing and talk of "intervening" begins.

I think the humane thing to do would, by all means, be to do something for Africa, but I question whether it is concerns about humanity or $omething el$e that guides many or most of those who call for intervention.

But at least the evil European countries no longer colonize Africa and no longer send as many missionaries to subvert Africa's spiritual patrimony.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, sc. I think of this everytime I watch "Out of Africa."