Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Village Without Sun Which Created Its Own

From The History of Yesterday:

Viganella is an Italian town located on the Alps, in the region Piedmont. As of December 2010, it had a population of 204. You might think that Viganella is a small mountain town just like many others, but you would be wrong. There is something more, something extraordinary. Until 2006, the town used to remain shadowed for eighty-three days per year — from November 11 to February 2. Viganella was built at the bottom of a steep-sided valley; therefore, in that period, the sun disappears. It hides behind one of the mountains that surround the town.

In 2005, the then-mayor Franco Midali and an architect named Giacomo Bonzani began to work on an ambitious enterprise. Those two hundred inhabitants could not bear those dark cold days any longer. As a consequence, Midali and Bonzani started to consider the plausibility of making the mayor’s dream come true. That dream, as you might have guessed, was bringing the sun back to Viganella. (Read more.)


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