Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Bannon Speaks Out After Sentencing

 From Human Events:

 On Friday, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon joined Charlie Kirk to discuss his four-month prison sentence handed down by a DC judge earlier that morning. Walking Kirk through the morning’s decision, Bannon said, "I respect the judge, I respect the court, respect the process. You know, he laid out in his summary the four areas of appeal, we’re going to appeal in four different segments."

Bannon continued on to stress the importance of voting on Nov. 8 to "render judgment on the illegitimate Biden regime."

"Steve… what drives you to keep going?" Kirk asked. "You’ve been attacked from every possible direction, from the Muller investigation to the Senate Intelligence Committee, to the state of New York, to the Department of Justice, and you just keep fighting and you’re focused solely on election day as the Democrats’ judgment day." (Read more.)


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