Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Letter to the American Church

 From The Wine Patch:

Eric Metaxas’ newly released Letter to the American Church, is a biblical bugle blast in the ear of all the churches feigning sleep while our country is besieged by anti-Christ and anti-American ideologies from every direction. Metaxas takes ready aim at the churches and pastors who are reluctant to stand up and speak out against the well-coordinated assault upon the health and stability of our nation today — and he names names.

The book delivers a battle cry for the church to rise up and face these most serious matters of our day. He asks us why God’s people would evade speaking against the murder of the unborn. He asks us how the church can be silent in deference to our education system and its pernicious incursion to induce sexual confusion within our children.  

He asks us why church pastors are not pounding the pulpits to end the mutilation and castration of minors under the subterfuge of gender expression. And why is there so much acquiescence to the endless unfurling of Marxist tenets as the rise of global tyranny is boosted before our very eyes.

How can seasoned church leaders fail to understand that philosophies like Critical Race Theory are founded in Marxism and purely atheistic? Further, how can the church that is charged with discipling and cultivating healthy loving families, not realize that Transgender and Queer Theory is “…inescapably anti-God and anti-human. So they are dedicatedly at war with the ideas of family and marriage…”

Metaxas’ thesis is: We must wake up and speak up. (Read more.)


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