Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Left-wing Trump-hating Catholic Professors

 We all know some. As I have written before, I have had two lefties trolling me and my blog and books for more than a decade, accusing me of all kinds of aberrations. They claim to hate my writing but they always manage to work their left-wing politics into their assessment of my work, even to the point of mentioning my support of Trump, HERE and HERE. So my support of Trump has been reason enough to attack my work, and get me banned from posting on Amazon and Goodreads. I wrote about the experience, HERE. The outrage that I would dare to defend myself is expressed by them, HERE. They really hate Trump. Does that mean they voted for pro-abortion Biden? Or Marxist Bernie! Or abortion-loving Hillary?  And oh yes, "Kraken" is one of the names they like to call me. And no, I never called "Maggie's" boss in an attempt to get her fired. I would not know who to call.

 Why  persons of such sophistication, who themselves have many accomplishments in history and the arts, would spill a great deal of ink trying to obliterate my relatively obscure historical novels, two of which were originally published more than twenty years ago, is a mystery. Funny that "Simon," in a review of Madame Royale, accuses Trump of "choking the daylights out of the Constitution." We know that hatred of Trump brought out the dark side in a lot of people. Yet those of us who championed Trump's cause have been rewarded for our choice by the overturning of Roe. Even if one baby's life is saved it has been worth it.


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