Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Six British Houses


From Architectural Digest:

In order to secure this gargantuan project, designer Emma Sims Hilditch presented a thoughtful proposal, keeping the spirit of the Georgian-style home with modern embellishments to gracefully provide a more contemporary edge. “In the end, I think [the client] chose us because of the [small] size of our practice,” Sims Hilditch, whose eponymous firm has offices in London and Gloucestershire, shares. “He knew we needed the breadth” of a commission like this, adds the designer, who launched her namesake firm in 2009. Well, if there is one thing a 14,000-square-foot project can provide, it is indeed breadth.

The sprawling Northern England estate has been in the same family for more than 500 years. The current owner—Sims Hilditch’s client—inherited it from a distant cousin. In order to make the necessary repairs and updates, some of the property’s land was sold off in order to fund an extensive renovation.

The early stages of the project were its most exciting. “We uncovered so many parts of the house,” Sims Hilditch recalls with a residual giddiness. Old stone walls were stripped back from false fireplaces; carpets were removed to reveal forgotten tiling.

Other aspects of discovery posed challenges: The center of the house, for one, was a rabbit warren of Victorian-era domestic spaces, meant mainly to serve the dozens of staff who would’ve been operating the house. A historical marvel, yes, but not exactly functional for a present day single-family home. (Read more.)

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