Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Infallible Dogmas

 From Padre Peregrino:

One of the most common questions I get is: “Which Dogmas are Infallible in the Catholic Church?” In 2013, the website Tradicat was able to conglomerate from the late Dr. Ludwig Ott’s book, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma about 238 dogmas that are either De Fide (defined by the Catholic Church as infallible) or Sent. Certa (infallible by corollary.) I improved Tradicat’s numbering system a bit below, but Dr. Ott and Dr. Daniel Stramara did the hard work on this long ago.

More recently, Fr. Paul Kramer and Dr. Edmund Mazza have revealed that despite being a modernist, and despite hiding the Third Secret of Fatima, Pope Benedict XVI has denied none of the following 238 dogmas as Pope, at least not in any official promulgation like an encyclical. (Elsewhere, they disprove the notion that a Pope can execute a “semi-resignation,” as he has tried.) Notice the below list in contrast to this list.

The following 238 dogmas are clearly not exhaustive since the Catholic Church holds everything asserted in Scripture as articulated faith and morals to be infallible, as well as anytime the early Church Fathers speak unanimously on any such interpretation of Sacred Scripture. But the following list of 238 De Fide items are probably the most important ones. An asterix below indicates definitions found in the first Seven Ecumenical Councils. (Read more.)


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