Sunday, October 2, 2022

The History of Eärendil

 From Nerdist:

Simply put, Eärendil, a half-elven mariner, helped save Middle-earth. The Dark Lord Morgoth and his evil forces threatened to overrun Middle-earth, and the Elves and Men couldn’t hold him back on their own. And though the Valar, the godlike beings of The Lord of the Rings‘ universe, did not allow mortals on the shores of Valinor, their realm, the half-elvish Eärendil eventually found a way and traveled there with his wife, Elwing.

 Elrond’s father built his ship, Vingilot, with the help of Círdan the Shipwright. His first voyages saw adventures aplenty as he sailed to look for his parents Tuor and Idril in Valinor. And Eärendil figured, while he was in Valinor, he would carry the message of Elves and Men to the Valar and ask for assistance for Middle-earth’s fight against Morgoth. This initial trip, which Eärendil made without Elwing, didn’t end as planned.

 After a detour that saw Elwing briefly turn into a bird, Eärendil set back out for Valinor with Elwing (in half-elven form again). Elrond’s father wore a Silmaril, a brilliant jewel made from the essence of the light-giving trees of the Valar, bound across his brow. And its light shone like a beacon. The sons of Fëanor, the elf who made the Silmarils, pursued them, trying to get their hands on the Silmaril. Luckily, this time, Eärendil finally arrived on Valinor’s shores. (Even though he wasn’t technically allowed to). He asked the Valar for mercy upon Men and Elves, and the Valar agreed. (Read more.)


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