Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A Quisling GOP

I seriously doubt there will be a red wave, since the democrats are going to cheat the way they always do, and the Republicans are going to let them. I hope I am proved wrong. From American Greatness:

Gas prices are back on the rise and Biden’s politically motivated action in drawing down the strategic oil reserve to lower prices at the pump is now a widely acknowledged and dismal failure, and one that has gravely endangered national security. Despite the administration’s pathetic groveling, OPEC just added insult to injury by restricting oil supply to accelerate the price squeeze. The administration’s massive “stimulative” federal spending gambit of the last few years has only succeeded in stimulating runaway inflation and an explosion of the national debt, made immeasurably worse by fast-rising interest rates. Transparent pandering to his base in the form of unconstitutional and widely panned student loan bailouts has only reinforced the perception of fiscal irresponsibility and political opportunism bereft of principle.

On top of these disasters, are others. COVID vaccine uptake has collapsed, as more people realize the mandates and shutdowns have inflicted enormous damage on the country—all for an ineffective, dangerous, and novel gene-therapy treatment with massive adverse effects. Orchestrating an invasion of illegal immigrants on the southern border for permanent electoral advantage has backfired as U.S. citizens grasp the insanity of bringing in unprecedented numbers of workers during an economic downturn, and recent immigrants themselves grasp that their future prosperity and safety is not with a party that is tanking the economy and spiking violent crime. Even Biden’s initial promise of national reconciliation has been revealed to be a sick joke, as the Delaware Democrat has engaged in unprecedented polarization, demonization, and targeting of his political opponents.

But thanks to the quisling GOP leadership, one last card remains in the hand of the desperate Biden regime. Is it beyond them to play it? They may already have put it down on the table. Two weeks ago, it is possible the administration made a calculated decision that it was worth risking nuclear conflict with Russia through an unprecedented act of energy terrorism and environmental depredation in order to shore up political support and suppress dissent at home. (Read more.)

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