Saturday, October 1, 2022

Serving the Queen

 From Social:

The Queen reportedly employed hundreds of staff. She had people to clean rooms — of which there are an eye-watering 775 in Buckingham Palace alone! But of course, a vast property requires roles of all kinds. Reporting on the Palace’s employment situation in 2016, Forbes magazine mentions the kind of jobs you might expect, such as footmen. Yet it also refers to engineers, and even vase polishers. Yes, you read that correctly!

 Of course, Elizabeth owned some pretty rare and expensive vases, hence why a specific individual was needed to keep them looking their best. Was a vase polisher the best position from which to obtain a behind-the-scenes view of her secret life? Possibly not, we’re thinking. Yet others worked at closer quarters, and would have seen more than most. (Read more.)


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