Tuesday, October 25, 2022

From the Real Downton Abbey to the Tomb of Tutankhamun

 From Lady Carnarvon:

This story of treasure and tragedy is so well known through school syllabuses, books and films, but Carnarvon’s role is not so well documented. Thus, we were seeking both to create an experience and a fun day out to share the story. The arrival story began with two wonderful camels, Max and Clio who were undoubtedly the celebrities of the day. Other displays explored the 5th Earl’s interests, early aviation, early cars, and we created our own sandy excavation site with re-enactors and of course there was music and dancing – Egyptian themed. To further our understanding Professor Joann Fletcher and Dr Daniela Rosenow offered fascinating talks, thank you.

The 5th Earl was something of an invalid for so much of his life but his personal motto anticipated that of Winston Churchill – Never Give Up. He was a skilled motorist and enthusiast for early motorcars so we had an exhibition of some wonderful early cars and motorbikes. Fascinated by the concept of aeroplanes, the 5th Earl provided premises and space for the early efforts of Geoffrey Moore Brabazon, Geoffrey de Havilland and Charles Voison hence the History of Flight tent and historic aircraft.

An outstanding photographer, Lord Carnarvon applied his skills to archaeology or motor racing, scenes of life or early planes, building a studio and a dark room in the Castle. We do not have the Nile or sadly even a river to pretend, but we offered various pathways lined with facts about the Nile, and our own pyramids of sorts -tepee tents – filled with activities for children. (Read more.)

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