Monday, October 24, 2022

The Forgotten City Beneath Egypt

 From History of Yesterday:

Naukratis was partially excavated in 1880 when archaeologist Flinders Petrie found an inscription in ancient Greek. Amphorae fragments, bowls for sauces, and thousands of other Egyptian ceramics were also found. At first glance, one would say that it was not a Greek colony, but the specialists assure us that Naukratis was a Greek city inhabited by a mixed community. During the first excavations, from the end of the 19th century, small statues of Siris and Osiris were also discovered.

There is no more impressive evidence of the interaction between the two cultures that lived in Naukratis than in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. There resides a four-meter statue, which was found in the waters of the lake. Initially, visitors believe it is the statue of a pharaoh. Even though he is dressed like an Egyptian leader, he has rigid arms and was raised in the temple of Amun Ra, around 300 BC, his name according to the hieroglyphs on the back of the statue was Horemheb. (Read more.)

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