Thursday, October 20, 2022

Château de la Chasseigne

From Love Property:

Dating back to the 15th century, this heart-stoppingly gorgeous "secret" château in France's Burgundy region became a favourite among urbex explorers after it was forsaken by its owners in 2017. The property is now out of bounds to intrepid adventurers, but renowned photographer Bryan Sansivero, author of American Decay, was able to capture it in all its faded grandeur when he ventured across the pond this past summer. Click or scroll through for a look around the château, find out why this beguiling piece of history was left to rot and discover what's being done to save it. Known as the "secret château" among the urbex community, who managed to keep its location largely under wraps for a time, the Château de la Chasseigne is fittingly tucked away in a grove of oak trees outside the village of Saint-Parize-le-Châtel in Burgundy's Nièvre department. Approaching the storybook château, you may notice that the two fat round towers and connecting arched gallery to the left seem older than the rest of the property. Built way back in the 15th century by the namesake first owner, nobleman Robert de la Chasseigne, they are all that remains of the original château. (Read more.)


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