Sunday, June 14, 2020

When the Revolution Doesn’t Go As Planned

 From Victor Davis Hanson:
Throughout history, revolutions often do not end up as their initial architects planned. The idealists who ended the French monarchy in 1789 thought they could replace it with a constitutional republic. Instead, they sparked a reign of terror, the guillotine and mass frenzy. Yet the radicals who hijacked the original revolution and began beheading their enemies soon were themselves guillotined. It was not democracy but rather the dictator Napoleon who put an end to French domestic unrest. He assumed more powers than had the executed Bourbon King Louis XVI, who had set off the revolution in the first place. The COVID-19 epidemic, the nationwide mass quarantine, and the massive protests, looting, rioting and arson that all followed the police killing of George Floyd have resulted in similar paradoxes. (Read more.)

From Spencer Klavan at American Mind:
The logic which declares that no one may take from us those items and that land which we own by the sweat of our brow, is the very same logic which insists that no one may take from us that life and that liberty which is ours by the gift of our Creator. This is the logic of America and of justice.
By contrast, the logic of our ruling classes dictates that violent mobs may tear apart storefronts and steal private goods in the name of a foul and recriminatory racialism. The small business owners who have been caught on camera weeping over the destruction of their livelihoods are victims of that logic. It is the same logic that was driven to its grisly conclusion when the retired police captain David Dorn was shot and killed as he tried to protect his friend’s pawn shop from robbery.
There is only one answer to such brutality, only one founding premise on this wide earth which can protect the innocent from violence of every kind: “that all men are created equal, [and] that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Either we believe that everyone, of every color, must be guaranteed the right to his own property both physical and spiritual, or we do not. (Read more.)

Also from The American Mind:
The galling hypocrisy of Biden, having been credibly accused of sexual assault, refusing to grant accused college students the same privilege he demanded for himself, is one thing. But while many conservatives were happy to take easy shots at Biden, far fewer were willing to truly demand justice on the core merits of the issue itself: that men should be given the presumption of innocence and due process rights when they are accused. Men, in today’s political discourse, are not a protected class.
With respect to race, the Right must pretend that there is an epidemic of interracial violence by whites, an obvious fabrication to anyone looking disinterestedly at the data. The recent conflagration that has engulfed the nation was partially caused by the Right’s unwillingness to confront the dark side of identity politics. Consider the utter mendaciousness of the narrative that African Americans are being “literally hunted” by whites, as LeBron James recently tweeted. We can see the results of these years of unchallenged lies on the streets of our cities today.
Real life is more complicated than the dogmatic narrative now embraced by our elites. Heather Mac Donald, one of the only mainstream conservatives who has dealt seriously with this issue, has reported that there were over 500,000 interracial felonies against whites by African Americans in 2018, while whites committed the reverse scarcely more than 50,000 times—despite the fact that whites outnumber African Americans five to one.
The ratio of white victimization has actually increased under the Trump Administration, contrary to the wails from the Left and media (but I repeat myself) about white nationalist violence. African Americans are also substantially overrepresented as perpetrators of hate crimes.
“Conservatives” participate in the racial gaslighting of the American public every time they give in to the shrieks of identity politics leftists, validate their manufacture of isolated cases into major news stories, and steadfastly ignore the far more numerous instances of crime with other racial dynamics.
If you were one of the millions of white Americans on the receiving end of a felonious crime by an African American over the last decade, and you had to listen to the constant false drumbeat of black victimization and white villainy and watch alleged conservatives say nothing to challenge this narrative because they were afraid of being called racist, how would you feel? (Read more.)

The Black Lives Matter organization is completely opposed to Christian morals and values. From LifeSite:
Bomberger and Van Maren begin by discussing how heartbreaking it is when any life is lost to killing. This tragedy initially led to a united front of people outraged by the killing of George Floyd, but this unification quickly dissolved and became politicized. At its core, this isn’t about race, but is about the culture.

“But what about the politicians who abuse their power?” asked Bomberger. “What about the politicians who for decades have created the environments that are more impoverished? That they do have higher crime rates? They do have higher abortion rates. I do have higher dropout rates that have less economic opportunity. What about the politicians being held to account for their corruption and their abuse of power? Fatherless communities are far more vulnerable to any predator, whether it's the abortion industry or drugs. But I don't hear that being talked about.”

Bomberger highlights the fact that race really wasn’t seen until the 1700s. Race isn’t mentioned in the Bible. People were delineated as Jews or Gentiles in the Bible, not by race.

The Black Lives Matter movement is all about black power and is completely devoid of God or any religious foundation. The founders’ goal is to spread black power across the nation. Bomberger acknowledges that racism exits in the U.S., but says the approach of Black Lives Matter isn’t helping. Bomberger instead calls on churches to lead the movement. “The church needs to be the one leading on this.” (Read more.)

Those of you who support BLM need to be aware of exactly what you are supporting. Read carefully, HERE. Share


julygirl said...

First of all, as far as the Church is concerned, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, it has gone 'belly up' to Left Wing provocateurs in leading anyone anywhere that is positive. Secondly, there was a time when people feared being called Homosexual. Now everyone quakes at being labeled Racist. Few are willing to point out statistics regarding racial violence and how the numbers really fall out between white and black. African-Americans are again being used as pawns of the Left to destroy any efforts of black/White unity.

elena maria vidal said...

I agree, totally!