Friday, June 26, 2020

What White Americans Owe Black Americans

From The Resurgent:
Actual racism is provably smaller than it’s ever been in the U.S. It is magnified by those who generally have one of two motives: 1) personal ego or desire for political power or money; or 2) a sincere personal or institutional desire to totally eliminate racism, and therefore treat any outbreak like an epidemic. 
A third motive is more cynical and pernicious: a desire to damage the United States through racial strife. The old Soviet Union long engaged in a program to incite racism in the U.S. Even now, Russia is believed to be “stoking racial tension” in this election cycle. It’s a big problem, actually. But I’m not going to delve into that, because it has little to do with the actual debt white Americans owe to black Americans, which is my subject here. 
The current state of race relations in America is, on a microcosm level, very good–we get along with our neighbors, white or black; our kids play together at school and on sports teams; we live, work, and even worship together more and more. Much of this has to do with socio-economic status, in that people don’t usually mix with those who live in different neighborhoods, go to different schools, and work at different jobs. (Read more.)

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