Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Financial and Emotional Struggles of Being Looted

From the New York Post:
After this week’s looting and ransacking in Manhattan and The Bronx, Lucy Hosley went viral. The 69-year-old co-owner of the Valentine Deli was seen on a video posted to YouTube, imploring: “They tell me ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They’re lying . . . I’m black, look what you did to my store.”

Hosley told The Post’s Jane Ridley that she witnessed “around 30 young men and women overturning the shelves and causing chaos . . . They had bought cutting tools to break open the ATM and the cash register. At first I felt anger toward the looters. But I can’t let hate consume me. Many of them have been brought up in a society which believes they are worth nothing and they are acting on that. We will rebuild this store and it will serve this community again.” A GoFundMe for her store had, by Friday, raised more than $114,600. Inspired by her, other vandalized shop owners spoke out. (Read more.)

From Trending Politics:
The Daily Caller listed the 15 persons who, thus far, have lost their lives in protests. They include demonstrators and business owners, a retired police captain, family members, loved ones, and nearly all of them innocent bystanders before riots and violence found them. At the same time, though it’s no big deal to Sally Kohn because, you know, ‘buildings can be replaced,’ many structures that have been looted, burned down, or hollowed out were businesses that belonged to Americans who stuck their life savings into starting them and building them. Most of these same businesses were already under great economic stress after having been shut down as ‘non-essential’ by coronavirus stay-at-home orders not all governors and mayors followed. (Read more.)

The Stream’s John Zmirak interviewed author and teacher Timothy Gordon. The Stream reviewed Gordon’s book Rules for Retrogrades earlier this year. From The Stream:
 I regret nothing. I called BLM a terrorist organization, which is an incontrovertible historical fact. It can be easily found online that the BLM is considered a Black Identity Extremist group by the FBI after one of their members was killed by police in Texas. I also made a joke about (pro-LGBT Jesuit) James Martin and BLM activists on Twitter that I don’t regret. There are outlets that are saying that I called for violence against protesters. False. I called for the lawful implementation of Second Amendment rights in the case of arsonists and violent assailants physically attacking store owners and their property. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

They do not value lives or life. This whole thing is rife with hypocrisy and only fools are fooled. Whatever the faults of our country, it is the only thing that stands between us and the failing malevolent ideologies that leave humanity bereft of any dignity. Instead of burning books, read up on the history of death propagated by them.