Sunday, June 7, 2020

How to Make Working From Home More Glamorous

After your shower, there’s no need to rush to your desk. Take a few extra minutes to help transition from “waking up brain” to “working brain” with a cup of tea or coffee. Brew the coffee or heat up the kettle and give yourself these moments to think about your day ahead. Once the drink is ready — you’re ready to get to your desk and get started. 
To make it a little more glamorous, get adventurous. Try a new tea you’ve always wanted to taste. Add cinnamon to your coffee. Use the fancy glassware you usually only take out for holidays. Make your morning drink a glamorous occasion and you’ll feel extra glam every time you take a sip. 
Even having just two steps of a morning routine (shower, then coffee), gives your day a sense of order. Already you aren’t answering emails in bed and forgetting to brush your teeth. You have a simple, unhurried schedule that helps calm anxiety and keep you as productive as you need to be. (Read more.)

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