Friday, June 26, 2020

300,000-year-old Elephant Skeleton In Europe

From Ancient Origins:
The fact that there were numerous elephants around the Schöningen lake is proven by footprints left behind and documented approximately 100 meters (328 ft) from the elephant excavation site. Flavio Altamura from Sapienza University of Rome who analyzed the tracks, told us that this is the first find of its kind in Germany. "A small herd of adults and younger animals must have passed through. The heavy animals were walking parallel to the lake shore. Their feet sank into the mud, leaving behind circular tracks with a maximum diameter of about 60 centimeters [24 in]." 
The Schöningen sites have already provided a great deal of information about plants, animals and human existence 300,000 years ago during the Reinsdorf interglacial. The climate at that time was comparable to that of today, but the landscape was much richer in wildlife. About 20 large mammal species lived around the lake in Schöningen at that time, including not only elephants but also lions, bears, saber-toothed cats, rhinoceros, wild horses, deer and large bovids. "The wealth of wildlife was similar to that of modern Africa," says Serangeli. (Read more.)

Meanwhile, in Mexico, mammoths have been found. Share

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