Saturday, June 6, 2020

God or the Mob?

An excellent article from Crisis:
To the Religious Left, Christianity is (at best) merely an aspect of the one true faith: Progressivism. The progressive believes the world will “spin forever down the spinning grooves of change.” And, when the spirit of Progress evolves beyond the need for churches, its new agents—the mob, apparently—may simply burn them down. The lady-vicars will all dance around the flames before hurling themselves into the pyre: a willing sacrifice to lubricate those “spinning groves,” so that the world may forever spin down, down, down.

As for Archbishop Gregory, we mustn’t forget that egregious statement his office published at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. His Excellency announced the suspension of public Masses by assuring his flock that his “number one priority” was “to ensure the safety and health of all who attend our Masses, the children in our schools, and those we welcome through our outreach and services.” Once again, Christianity becomes merely a faction within Progressivism.

By His Excellency’s own admission, he is more concerned with the material improvement of his people than with their spiritual well-being. Whether it’s by cancelling public Masses so the faithful don’t fall ill or banning the President of the United States in order to “make a statement,” Archbishop Gregory has made it his mission, not to welcome people into the Church, but to keep them out. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

One would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to not see the gross hypocrisy in Archbishop Gregory and his ilk in their 'concern' to protect the health of his congregants by closing churches and schools yet condoning the massive human gatherings currently taking place to 'protest' racism.