Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Farmhouse on Georgia's Vernon River

From Southern Living:
For some families—especially those with two boys and an adventurous, outdoorsy bent—squeezing into a two-bedroom house with a cramped kitchen (and a single bath!) is an experience to be endured for the briefest possible period. But for accessories designer Winslett Watson; her husband, Justin; and their two sons, Whit and Haddon, the nine years they spent in a fishing cottage (a 1930s number on a gorgeous waterfront parcel on the south side of Savannah) were the perfect testing ground to learn what they wanted in a forever home. 
“Our time there taught us a lot of lessons—in organization, for one,” Winslett jokes. “We also found that we don’t want to live in a giant house, hibernating in our own separate spaces. We love being together.” 
So when the Watsons were ready to draft the plans for their dream home, finding the sweet spot between spreading out and staying close was key. The family enlisted a like-minded husband-and-wife architect team, Nathan and Liane Brock of Wiregrass Studio, to conceive a functional and reasonably sized home that prioritized togetherness and a sense of place over sprawling suites and spare rooms. (Read more.)

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