Friday, June 19, 2020

Ancient Egypt’s Oldest-Known Stone Structure

From Curiosmos:
Although Djoser’s revolutionary pyramid is regarded as the earliest colossal stone building in ancient Egypt, long before Djoser, the ancient Egyptians were already experimenting with megalithic structures. One of the best examples that predate even Egypt’s oldest pyramid is called Gisr el-Mudir, and its Egypt’s oldest known stone structure. Its commonly referred to as the Great Enclosure, and not many people know it exists. Located no more than a few hundred meters away from the famous Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser and the Buried Pyramid, its exact purpose has eluded experts for more than one hundred years.The structure has a rectangular shape and measures 650 by 350 meters. The walls of the colossal structure consist of two outer double walls, which were constructed using roughly hews limestone, located 15 meters apart. (Read more.)

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