Sunday, June 7, 2020

Meanwhile, in Prague...

From BBC:
The 17th Century column was toppled in 1918, days after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the birth of an independent Czechoslovak state. The statue is a perfect replica of the original Baroque Marian column. The column bears aloft a gilded statue of the Virgin Mary and will later have four allegorical figures of angels.

But was the original a treasured monument to the salvation of Prague following the last siege of the Thirty Years' War? Or was it rather a hated symbol of Catholic supremacy and the failure of the Protestant Bohemian revolt? It depends who you ask.

"It was the people of Prague who wanted this statue!" said Jan Bradna, academic sculptor, restorer and a member of the Marian Column Restoration Society. "It was they who lobbied the Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand III for permission to erect it," Bradna told the BBC. (Read more.)

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