Saturday, June 20, 2020

Beware the Rule of the Riot-makers

From TFP:
Framing the debate as a systemic crisis allows the riot-makers to avoid anyone from raising moral questions about their action. A systemic crisis absolves people of personal responsibility and free will since they insist the system determines how people behave.
It also hides the real problem. Indeed, it is much greater than racism, which is only a consequence. This problem is a moral crisis of massive proportions that is tearing America apart. This crisis happened because modern society developed styles of life that teach individuals not to assume moral responsibility for their actions. It created conditions whereby people became slaves to their unbridled passions. The result is a sinful society that becomes ever more disordered.
In the present war against order, the riot-makers now fight with increased rage against the remnants of the natural moral law that seeks to restrain them—even if only by fallible police. They want their bricks to bring down the present decadent system, full of family, cultural and even economic institutions that remind people of the Christian order that still survives in these times. The most radical riot-makers rage against God and His Law. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

If one looks back in history those tactics never work because the ordinary citizen wants to live in a place that is safe and peaceful. They want to be able to get about and do the things necessary to feed and protect their families, because the family is the root of a Civilized existence. The family unit rose from prehistory and all past efforts to destroy it have failed. Even those who, because of their gender disorder of wanting to marry the same gender, want a family.