Sunday, June 21, 2020

John Bolton’s Sour Grapes

From The American Spectator:
Few events make the media purr more than a memoir written by a defector from a Republican administration. John Bolton joins a long list of such bitter memoirists, who date back to the days of David Stockman. The key to these memoirs is that they buttress the prejudices of the media. Bolton has made sure to calibrate his memoir to that requirement, blasting Trump for his alleged corruption and incompetence. 
But how newsworthy are these memoirs exactly? They invariably follow the same pattern: the memoirist enters the Republican administration disagreeing with its policies; he leaves the administration disagreeing with its policies. How is that news? What’s newsworthy is not that they were fired but that they were hired in the first place. 
The chief beef of such a memoirist is always the same: the president didn’t take his advice. The title of Bolton’s book should be The Room Where It Didn’t Happen. He is clearly upset that he got cut out of Trump’s decisions. And it is fortunate for us that he did. Trump didn’t succumb to Bolton’s neocon warmongering. (Read more.)



julygirl said...

The President voicing objections to the book only drew more attention to it. It will go down the same as Comey's book and all the others...forgettable. Bolton had ample time to resign if he found issues to be so distasteful.
Also makes Bolton look bad when he betrays the inside dealings of the West Wing. What CEO in the future would want to hire such a person.

Sansa said...

I agree, Bolton could have resigned very early on if never agreed with Trump's policies.

elena maria vidal said...

I never liked Bolton. He was always a neocon warmonger.