Friday, October 18, 2019

Volker Testimony Destroys Narrative

From The Federalist:
The special envoy confirmed that interactions between President Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani and the Ukrainian government were made at his behest, in part to improve that relationship and to assuage concerns that the incoming government was as corrupt as previous governments. Volker said he believed that Guiliani had been giving information to Trump that was unduly negative about the current relationship between the two countries and hoped that increased interactions would help Guiliani’s opinion of the new government improve. 
While Volker didn’t believe Guiliani should trust the word of former prosecutor general Yuri Lutsenko, whom he viewed as self-serving and prone to deception, he did concede that Ukraine’s 2016 election meddling was “plausible.” He further noted that corruption in the country was a legitimate concern given the country’s recent history, adding that when corruption is so widespread, decisions about who to prosecute are inherently political. (He was referring to Ukraine, not the United States.) 
Volker confirmed the massive corruption of Burisma, the energy concern that paid Hunter Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit on its board despite completely lacking experience or expertise in the industry. He said that Burisma had a long-standing reputation as a corrupt company accused of money laundering. Biden resigned in 2019 shortly before his father Joe Biden announced his 2020 presidential candidacy. (Read more.)

From David J. Harris:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not be pursuing a vote to formalize an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, leading some political pundits to believe she does not have enough House Democrats who want to go on record to defend impeachment. 
Pelosi first announced that she and her House colleagues would be launching a formal impeachment inquiry on September 24 and have since issued several subpoenas for testimonies from Trump administration officials and documents relating to impeaching Trump. 
As these officials continue to resist the subpoenas—most notably Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who claims there must be a formal vote held before the subpoena power can be enacted—Pelosi has called off a potential vote. (Read more.) 

From American Thinker:
The ejection of Rep. Matt Gaetz from House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff's witness testimony hearings for the Democrats' impeachment inquiry, as J.R. Dunn noted here, was pretty outrageous, given the right Gaetz had to be there as a member of the House Judiciary Committee and do nothing but listen. He wasn't some Code Pinko type disrupting the closed-door affair by yelling obscenities and hurling bags of urine. He was ejected because he was a Republican. 
It kind of tells you about the "fairness" of this entire inquiry. 
Now the Washington Post is reporting that having done that, Democrats have now gotten into a huddle, whispering together behind closed doors like Renaissance plotters, the better to accelerate the impeachment of President Trump. Presumably, they want to get it out of the way before the next election, which of course would be to serve their own political purposes. Those, of course, are what this whole lunacy is really about — removing Trump and not having to face the wrath of the American voters. 
It's why impeachment for them needs to be done so secretly. And the whole thing is being done in secret now, meaning it's not just Republicans being shut out; the entire electorate isn't allowed to be in on it, either. Schiff and his fellow plotters, who apparently ran an intelligence operation of their own against the White House earlier to set the whole thing up, are now setting up a trial with a predetermined outcome, making themselves spy, cop, judge, jury, and executioner, with a pliant mainstream media to give exclusively their cherry-picked propaganda output from it as news. 
And they know it's a winner of sorts — now some polls show a public that favors impeachment and removal. Keeping it all secret and releasing just their version of events, despite the president's transparency about the matter, seems to be the plan in action. They're convinced it's working. (Read more.

Is it the end of Joe Biden? From Breitbart:
At a burn rate like Biden’s running, with not much gas in the tank, the former Vice President could be in some serious trouble in attempting to remain near the front of the pack. He’s already lost his frontrunner status, as Warren has pulled ahead of him in most national polling and in almost every early and battleground state except in the South. CNN’s Chris Cillizza called Biden’s funding lapses a “bombshell” revelation multiple times in a post about the matter, writing that it represents a “SIREN” for Biden’s campaign. 
Factor that together with burgeoning attacks on his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings from the White House and President Donald Trump, as well as a media beginning to be receptive to the criticisms, and Joe Biden has a tougher-than-ever road ahead. Hunter Biden’s interview earlier on Tuesday on ABC did his father no favors by most accounts, and even CNN and JournoList founder Ezra Klein of Vox are now saying there is something to all the questions swirling around him and that Democrats need to be prepared to deal with this. 
CNN published a fact check after the debate contrasting Biden’s claims he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with his son with Hunter’s claims he did discuss them with his father. (Read more.) 

From Conrad Black at American Greatness:
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)—who is usually lying when his lips aren’t moving and always is when they are—says we will not be hearing from a non-whistleblowing leaker, to give his hearsay evidence of a conversation that any person in the world can read and see has no legal implications whatever. But the investigation indomitably continues. It is like the last government of the German Third Reich, meeting in the week following the death of Hitler on the few thousand acres they still governed on the Danish border, discussing agriculture and immigration.

With no evidence of wrongdoing by the president, the Trump-hating media is now scrambling after Rudolph Giuliani, formerly one of the nation’s toughest prosecutors, as if they can pin something on him while he acted as the president’s private attorney. With Hunter Biden in hiding, this ludicrous mockery must end. Pompous commentators who don’t like Trump but have learned to live with their underestimation of him cannot go on indefinitely with wagging heads and furrowed foreheads, discussing the president’s “crisis.” (Read more.)

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