Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Queen's Speech

Two weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament amid ancient pageantry. From The Express:
Prince Charles accompanied the Queen through the House of Lords holding her hand. They were preceded by The Marquess of Cholmondeley carrying the Imperial Crown. For the occasion, the Queen wore a silver dress with her signatory ermine's royal robe. And for the second time since 1952, she chose not to wear the Imperial Crown but have it placed on a table next to her.

The first time the Queen broke this key tradition concerning the Queen's Speech was in 2017, days after the snap elections called by former Prime Minister Theresa May. The Imperial State Crown was originally made for King George VI's coronation in 1937 - the Queen's father. The crown, based on the design of Queen Victoria's crown, is particularly heavy and it is no surprise the monarch, aged 93, chose not to wear it. (Read more.)


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