Tuesday, October 1, 2019

"There was none so haunted as Trianon..."

From Anna Gibson:
"Thérèse had lived in many places, but there was none so haunted as Trianon, or as vibrant with memory. Its haunting was a wistful and compelling call to linger, as if the murmuring poplars and cedars entreated one to stay forever. The soul seemed drawn into an enchanted realm where time itself dallied. She breathed in the scented air. No one would ever live there for long in peace; no one could ever again make it a dwelling place, for the person who had enlivened Trianon with her own spontaneous magic was gone from the world. Trianon was no longer a home, but a tangible dream of lost happiness." Madame Royale by Elena Maria Vidal
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May said...

A very poignant passage. I don't "get" people who trash your novels, EMV.

elena maria vidal said...

Those people are sad and bitter.