Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Pages Of George Orwell’s 1984 Are Coming To Life

From The Daily Wire:
Speaking in Nashville, Pompeo said the Trump administration “has spoken to the truth in many ways that previous administrations haven’t done,” such as calling out “China’s rule-breaking and authoritarianism” and Iran’s bogus victimhood claims. It was his remarks about China that have received the most attention, given the controversy surrounding the partially communist country and the NBA.

“The Chinese Communist Party is detaining and abusing more than one million Uighur Muslims in internment camps in the Xinjiang. It’s the western region of China,” Pompeo said. “The pages of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ are coming to life there. I wish the NBA would acknowledge that.” Pompeo went on to explain that Christians are also being persecuted in the Middle East:
 So Christian pastors today are being unlawfully arrested, beaten, detained inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. We need to speak about this. Christian areas in northern Iraq that I’ve had the privilege to visit have been ravaged by ISIS, part of a greater trend of Christian persecution all across the Middle East.
Pompeo emphasized the Trump administration’s position that nations should give individuals “their basic human dignity to practice their conscience, their faith, or to choose no faith if they so choose all around the world.” (Read more.)

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