Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Abortion Wars

From Life Site:
There is a “war” going on between the abortion industry and pro-lifers, and the two cannot co-exist. Either “we shut them down or they shut us down…we are dealing with a clash of absolutes.” That was the message Fr. Frank Pavone had for roughly 400 Christians who attended HELP Pregnancy Crisis center’s annual fall dinner at Thousand Oaks Country Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 19. 
Pavone has been the national director of Priests for Life since 1993. His appearance was coordinated by the local Knights of Columbus. A prolific speaker who often appears on television and radio, he is one of the most respected voices on abortion in the world. In 2016, he served on President Trump’s Catholic advisory committee. Addressing a packed room that included many young families, Pavone passionately explained how the abortion industry wants more unborn babies to be killed so they can “profit” from it. The industry views crisis pregnancy centers as “big threats” to their business model, he said.

“You succeed, they fail. There is no middle ground. You save moms from abortion, they lose business. There’s no third way. It’s one or the other.” Mincing no words, Pavone shared gruesome stories about how abortionists play with the bodies of the unborn children they murder as if they were bowling balls and chicken bones being snapped in half. (Read more.)

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